XXVII edition of the contest (2017-2018)


¿What is it?

ESME’s contest for the Best Business Idea is meant for students in Bachillerato or Professional Formation from all around the Basque Autonomous Country.

 Finalistas de la XXVI edición

Finalistas de la XXVI edición

Even after having held more than 26 editions already, our main goal remains the same: to encourage and root for innovation among youngsters.

As a matter of fact, innovation and originality are the most key aspects that we take into account when rewarding the job these students have done. But not without considering their viability as well.

We would not be able to carry out this annual contest without the support of our sponsors. Therefore, we’d like to thank all of the companies and institutions that have supported us during all these years: Universidad de Deusto, Giant, Real Sociedad Fundazioa, Elkargi, Kutxa Kultur, Gureak, ADEGI, Noticias de Gipuzkoa and Salto.