All of the projects that arrive at ESME from other companies are carried out by the projects department, even though sometimes other departments contribute too. This department is responsible for making sure every project is executed correctly and in time according to the established deadlines. Currently, this department is made up of 9 people that put in their experience and energy in order to achieve the goals set.

Leader: Julen Elcoro-Iribe


The treasury department is the one in charge of managing the enterprise’s income and payments as its main activity. Tracking the entirety of its economic activity as well as preparing budgets that are necessary so as to carry out projects. In addition, it reports and requests documents and certificates to the Public Administration. Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the departments in which students can develop the most since their theoretical knowledge is applied ceaselessly.

Leader: Naiara Chueca

External Relationships

This department is in charge of organizing an annual contest for the best entrepeneurial idea in which students in “Bachillerato” and “FP” can participate. The contest aims to reward the effort and work of the participants from the birth of an idea to its growth into a real project. In order to carry it out, this department works to get external funding both through partners and sponsors.

Leader: Jone Otxoa


The communication and marketing department is in charge of ensuring unity in ESME, promoting communication and internal relationships among members. In addition, it runs every social media, in which it provides information about the company’s activity. It also seeks new projects and operates as a link between ESME and potential customers.

Leader: Mikel Vallejo